Trial by Media Netflix Quotes: You Better Be a Storyteller!

Trial by Media Netflix quotes are scary.

They show us that better “storytellers” have stronger hands in the trials and the media is always the best storyteller.  

And “justice” is only the media’s story! 

Here are some terrifying quotes from Trials by Media Netflix:

Trial by Media Netflix Quotes

I found out early as a lawyer, it doesn’t matter about the law. It’s about being able to tell a story.

When you turn a courtroom into a studio, you have to turn reality into a story, with good guys, bad guys, drama.

You’ve got to come up with ways to become part of the news cycle. 

I am not saying trials are theater, but the court of public opinion is very important. 

Because if everybody in the building likes these guys, they must be the good guys, right?

If it bleeds, it leads.

Everything was done for the purpose of ratings, and ratings are money.

Stop the cameras. Let’s stop right here!

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