A Crazy Money Heist

Breaking the bank!

And I mean the Royal Mint of Spain!!

And I mean the heart of the banking system!!!

And I mean the national reserve!!!!

La Casa de Papel or Money Heist is all about stealing tons of money from the “system” and then building a philosophy on it.

Tweets, GIFs And Posts That Hilariously Sum Up Money Heist

So do they really steal? Whose money is it? Is it the government’s money or people’s money? Or is it nobody’s money since it’s not printed by any legal authority? Is money heist “wrong” in this situation? These questions were the questions in people’s minds and they started to talk about these topics on social media starting from the first day of the Money Heist.

Who decides which “groups” are more corrupted in a country? La Casa de Papel is playing with our ethical values and make us think about what’s owning…  

The names of the characters make it even sexier. Tokyo, Berlin, Rio, Moscow… 

People loved to comment on city names of La Casa de Papel and even picked fake names for themselves. There is certainly an emotional bond with Money Heist characters and the audience. People don’t want them to get hurt! 

First let’s have a look at the official trailer of Money Heist Part 4:

And now let’s see what social media says about La Casa de Papel:




4. Stephen King and La Casa de Papel!








12. La Casa de Papel Season 5 Is Coming!


La Casa de Papel Quiz

Are you ready for the Money Heist quiz?

Is Casa de Papel a real story? How much money did they steal? The song of the series? Where it was filmed? 

Questions for the La Casa de Papel fans that will prove some expertise :)

I guess you are ready.

Let’s start!

#1 Úrsula Corberó, Tokyo from Money Heist is the face of BVLGARI!

#2 Is La Casa de Papel a real story?

#3 What does La Casa de Papel mean in English?

#4 How much money did they steal in money heist?

#5 Money Heist is a Spanish television heist crime drama series.

#6 Which anti-fascist song plays multiple times throughout the series?

#7 The robbers dressed in red jumpsuits with a mask of the Spanish painter

#8 The building in which the robbers locked themselves in is, in fact, the headquarters of the


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