Twogether Netflix Review: Travel With Positive Vibes!

Twogether Netflix is a travel TV show.

Two guys who are very famous in Asia meet for the first time and travel to different countries together.

Well, it’s not that easy!

They face challenges.

And they don’t even speak the same language!

But they never stop smiling. That’s what this travel show will give you: Positive vibes. Here is why:

Twogether Netflix

Twogether Netflix is already a success because of two names: 

Lee Seung-gi is a Korean singer and actor. He has fans all around the world.

And Jasper Liu is an actor. He is a star in the Chinese speaking world.

The best part of Twogether is these two guys don’t look like celebrities at all. They are very down-to-earth. You feel like you are traveling with your best friends while you are watching the show.

After they meet, they try to understand each other by some common Korean and Chinese words and some English words that they both know. They become friends quickly. They respect each other’s culture. And they make jokes all the time. They like to have fun. This makes Twogether Netflix a “feel-good” travel TV show.

Twogether has also different flavors.

Jasper and Lee don’t have any money in their pockets. They don’t know where they are going. And they don’t know where will they stay!

The director of Twogether series (who is a part of the show) gives them their plane ticket at the last minute and sends them to different countries in each mission.

The director is a penny pincher. He gives them a very tight budget and expects them to complete the missions before they move to the next one.

The locations of the missions are picked by their local fans. They go to the most beautiful places in that country and try to complete these Twogether Netflix missions. During these missions, we see historical places, amazing sceneries and learn about the local culture.

The ultimate goal of Jasper and Lee is to meet their local fan before they take the next flight. Each mission gives them a hint about the location of their local fan and if they succeed in all of them, they go to the home of their local fan and spend some time with him/her.

They have limited time to complete the missions, to solve the puzzle, to find their local fan’s house and to catch the next flight to another country. So they have to use their time wisely. These challenges make Twogether Netflix dynamic.  

Let’s take a look at the Twogether trailer now:

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this travel series on social media:

What They Say About Twogether Netflix on Social Media?

Their fans never saw Jasper and Lee like this before. They are humble, natural and funny.

They are like our friends. We feel that if we see them on the road we can talk to them and be friends with them easily.

This energy of course resonated in social media and people have very positive opinions about Twogether Netflix.

Here are some comments.

what they say on social media













Twogether Netflix Quotes

Twogether Netflix quotes are funny.

The challenges that put Jasper and Lee into difficult situations make the dialogues real and lively.  

You just want them to talk more and have fun.

Here are some quotes from the beginning of Twogether Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

No one really told me where we’re going. So I felt really nervous. I wasn’t sure if I packed everything. Where are we going?

Where is our first destination? When are you going to tell me?

I have no idea what kind of trip this is going to be. I’ve never done anything like this. I don’t know what to expect. 

We are going to… Where is this place?

We have a fan living there? That’s hard to believe.

I’m excited. I can go anywhere right now. Let’s go!

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