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In this post you will find unconventional ideas, questions and tips to build and grow an online brand.

This is not one of those boring How-To articles that you see in the search engines 100 times a day.

I will add more topics and I will keep thinking outside the box.

Let’s start.

Online Brand Tips You Have To Try [Unconventional]

Online Brand Without Noise

clean online brand

The amount of noise which anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity.

Arthur Schopenhauer


Lovely sentence.

Let’s play with it:  


The amount of noise production which any creator can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his/her creativity capacity.


I am talking about the technological “noise” that we create for our online brands nowadays.

Kitsch videos, stock photos, cheesy language, annoying colors, pop-ups…

The toxic rain.

It looks like “simple and clean” is hard to reach for online brand creators in today’s world.

Just to attract few more eyeballs, creators are now taking the risk to be ignored forever.

Junk content shortens attention span day by day and online brand trust is vanishing.

But this situation creates giants.

“Simple and clean” creators are growing taller and taller, while the big majority (noisers) are shrinking as they age.

Online Brand Mistakes Are Cool

online brand mistakes

We love imperfection. We love to hide other’s wounds and sometimes we feel the desperate need to cure them.

Why we do this is a deep hole and it is easy to get lost there but I think it is related to our life battle. We feel pain when we see someone like us get financially or emotionally injured in the life game. It could also happen to me feeling… This triggers a protective mood.     

If someone shows us weakness, we become an advocate and defend this person.

What about an online brand?

Where are your wounds? Your scars?

If you are afraid to show your scars, you are taking the risk of losing your fanatic supporters.

Wounds and scars are the new generation online brand tattoos. It’s cool to have them.

Unconventional Questions to Ask Before Creating an Online Brand

Training a brain is like training a hunter. Instincts are powerful. Emotional decisions (like emotional eating) are our close friends. the balance is hard to reach.

Are you a brain trainer? Are you good at training your brain?    

It’s hard to create from scratch. Empty paper is an empty world. Ideas need soil, water, sunlight, trees, mountains… We need to create a forest in our mind to start an online brand. What is the name of your forest?

Can hunger be our very first motivation to walk? Dehydration will trigger our second step maybe. Curiosity will be the reason for the third step, and we will start to walk naturally. We will find out what our day is all about. Do mistakes. Try to make fewer mistakes. Fall. Walk again. Fall again. Walk again. So, what is hunger in the modern world? What is dehydration? What is curiosity? What is Online Brand Creation 101? What is the name of your biggest walk? What is the name of your life? 

Who is more dangerous than a hunter mother? Her care and kill balance is almost impossible to reach. Is she the definition of “success” in this world? What can we learn from a hunter mother if we want to grow an online brand?

When our vision is foggy, we expect the unexpected. When our vision is clear, we feel safe and wait for the positive to come. So, is it dangerous to have clear goals when you are building an online brand? 

Writing in a foreign language… We took this challenge to create a new us. A new brain is gifted, and we enjoy our new eyes, new feet, new walk, new perception… Childish ideas are with us again. We are not grownups anymore. Exploring is our new game again and learning is fun after so many years. So, is it also more fun to create an online brand in a foreign language?   

I am sure that you love to hate some business jargon phrases like “low-hanging fruit” or “giving 110%”… List these words and be careful with them. Are they giving you clues about your personality? Never use them while you are building your online brand. Make up new words if you can’t find replacements.  

Can we create in a way that never existed before? 

What is the weakness of your stress?

Ernest Hemingway says, “The first draft of anything is shit”. What kind of shit is the first draft of an online brand?

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