IAmInYourShoes Story

Silence is a language. 

Many people don’t know this language.

Some people know this language but they hate it!  

A Previously Unknown Language Has Been Discovered And It's Sexy As Hell

Silence is the sexiest language that has ever been created.

If two people remain silent together for a long time, they surely are communicating in their own language and most probably they are forming a strong bond… 

Nature is a Silence teacher. Having a strong teacher doesn’t guarantee our success. Indeed, as humans, we are the weakest students of nature. 

Appreciating an hour of life. An hour is so big that sometimes you live a second life in it. An hour is so short that, sometimes you just check your watch and it’s long gone. Watching the sky at night together with the Silence language is one of the best ways of appreciating an hour.    

Really? Is it true that “quiet people have the loudest minds?”. I think “loud” means “busy” here. And quiet people are generally busy with meaningful things. Or they find ways to make life more meaningful… 

People often “offer music” to others in different ways. This is actually dictating strange notes to others. Music is not superior to silence. No one has the right to hurt each other’s language.  

Everyone has the right to find his or her Silent Hill. Disturbing a person, breaking into his/her Silent Hill is embarrassing. 

Yes, the world has the right to go mad and party hard once in a while but when the party is over: Respect should rule! 

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