Valeria Netflix Review

Valeria Netflix is a Spanish drama-comedy.

Valeria is a writer who is having writer’s block and her relationship with her husband is getting worse day by day.

“How don’t we ruin a life?”: This is the main question of the series.

And Valeria gives us some answers!

Valeria Netflix

Valeria Netflix took place in Madrid. Even though Valeria’s life looks a bit depressing, the location, colors, her friends, songs, almost everything in the series is positive. You feel the Mediterranean way of living in your blood and in some scenes you want to be beamed up to Spain!

Let’s take a look at the Valeria Netflix trailer now:

Life can be quiet complicated in your late 20’s and in your 30’s. Career choices, relationship problems, family issues, money… Valeria Netflix is successfully covering all of these problematic issues with a twinkly tone.

And Valeria’s friends make the series even more funny, deep and real… Her relationship with her friends is so real that you want to join their Whats App group and chat with the girls!

Here is the Valeria Netflix cast from IMDb’s page:

Valeria Netflix Cast

And here you can find the Valeria Netflix Soundtrack. My favorite Valeria Netflix song is “Con las Ganas”.

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this series on social media:

What They Say About Valeria Netflix on Social Media?

People felt the Mediterranean sun that shines from Valeria Netflix.

The show’s ability to take the problematic issues in a positive manner worked and people found something from their lives in this series.

Spanish TV shows skyrocketed lately and Valeria Netflix will take its share from this positive vibe.

Let’s read some social media comments about Valeria: 


what they say on social media










Valeria Netflix Quotes

Valeria Netflix quotes summarize the complexity of life when you are young.

Being desperate, not knowing what to do, where to go, who to love, what to give up, how to continue…

These quotes might look simple but they also have a deep side… 

Let’s read some quotes from Valeria:

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

Val, look… you chose a lovely career. But… every artist needs a plan B.

– Can I give an advice to you?

– Sure!

– Don’t take that job and do what actually fulfills you. Feeling regret is better than thinking “what if”.


I think I have impostor syndrome.

I bet your life is far more interesting than the main character’s. It’s disgusting how perfect she is. 

– If I had to write about my life, it’d be another boring short story.

– Perfect, write it!

And here you can find the trailer of Valeria Netflix Season 2:

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