Warrior Nun Review

Warrior Nun Netflix is a teen TV series based on a manga-style American comic book.

It’s about a girl (Ava), who is living her second life with some superpowers, thanks to the “halo” that’s been placed in her body.

It is a “woman in power” series with a lot of action and adventure scenes.

If you like fantasy TV shows with demons, unworldly creatures, ancient fighters… then you should start watching this series. Let’s dive into it.    

Warrior Nun Netflix

Let’s say, like in Warrior Nun Netflix, you died and came back. You don’t know how long you will “stay”. Your perception of “living” shifted. Everything is more meaningful, more important, more real, more emotional now… And you want to live 100% of it. Leave nothing behind. Because you know that you can again lose it all with the speed of light.

Ava gives us this feeling. She is vulnerable, but she really wants to live. To the fullest. No matter what!

Ava’s story crosses with a lot of historical cliches. Heaven, hell, dark side, holy missions, lost souls… Warrior Nun’s content would be much stronger if Ava was only fighting for finding “meaning” in a very limited time. Before she dies again! 

But since it’s also an action series (and the source is a manga), a “supreme” mission stepped in and she now has to fight for something “broader”!

Despite her young age, Alba Baptista (Ava), has an amazing performance. The main character will be the main reason if this series will have new seasons.

If you like suspenseful cliffhangers with ninja-style fight scenes, hit the play button now.

Let’s take a look at the Warrior Nun Netflix trailer now:

Who appears on the show?

Here is the Warrior Nun cast from IMDb’s page:

Warrior Nun Cast

Songs of Warrior Nun

Here you can find the Warrior Nun Soundtrack

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this series on social media:

What They Say About Warrior Nun Netflix on Social Media?

The ninja-style fight scenes of Warrior Nun Netflix is a big success. People love to see the female power and it creates positive vibes on social media.

It looks that Ava and her friends will surf these positive vibes for a couple of seasons.

The “action” part of the series definitely resonates with Netflix’s audience.   

Let’s see some social media comments about the series.

what they say on social media











Warrior Nun Netflix Quotes

Warrior Nun Netflix quotes are coming from Ava, who is a childlike, warm, and truthful character.

And strong Warrior Nun quotes are coming from the inner dialogues of Ava. She is tough to her self. She is cold with her reality. But she always finds the right words to light a fire inside her as long as she breaths!

Here are some quotes from Warrior Nun Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

My whole life, I’ve dreamt about being dead. I leave my body, and I see my self from above. A normal girl, just… normal.

I stare at her perfect normality until I wake up and realize that I’m still the freak I’ve been my whole life.

One thing I learned since then… life has a really f***ed-up way of making your dreams come true.

Maybe I ‘m dead, and this is hell. The nuns at the orphanage always said I was a good candidate. 

If this is hell, then I’m gonna do it right. 

Ok, this isn’t a dream. This is hardcore real life. With superpowers?

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