It's Not Fun To Burn Calories!

How long should you walk or run or cycle to burn those calories?

This quiz will question your nutrition and exercise knowledge :)

It’s fun to eat but it’s hard to burn those easy-earned calories!

Let’s start the quiz!


What It Takes To Burn Those Calories Quiz Iaminyourshoes

P.S. Values estimated based on a person weighing 140 lbs. (63 kg)

#1 What It Takes To Burn 1 Hamburger? (226 grams)

#2 What it takes to burn Vanilla Latte? (16 fl oz – 426 gram)

#3 What it takes to burn 100 G Olive Oil?

#4 What it takes to burn 1 slice of pizza? (107 gram)

#5 You have to walk (3mph) more than 40 minutes to burn 1 cola! (can or bottle 12 fl oz 370 grams)

#6 To burn 1 milk shake (16 fl oz 454 gram)

#7 To burn 1 piece of chocolate cake (109 grams)


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