It's Not Fun To Burn Calories! Quiz Time!

It’s Calorie Burning Quiz time!

How long should you walk or run or cycle to burn those calories?

Burning Calories Quiz will question your nutrition and exercise knowledge :)

It’s fun to eat but it’s hard to burn those easy-earned calories, right?

Let’s start the Calories Quiz!

What It Takes To Burn Those Calories Quiz Iaminyourshoes

P.S. Values estimated based on a person weighing 140 lbs. (63 kg)

#1 What It Takes To Burn 1 Hamburger? (226 grams)

#2 What it takes to burn Vanilla Latte? (16 fl oz – 426 gram)

#3 What it takes to burn 100 G Olive Oil?

#4 What it takes to burn 1 slice of pizza? (107 gram)

#5 You have to walk (3mph) more than 40 minutes to burn 1 cola! (can or bottle 12 fl oz 370 grams)

#6 To burn 1 milk shake (16 fl oz 454 gram)

#7 To burn 1 piece of chocolate cake (109 grams)

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