100 Humans Netflix Is Talking About Us! (Don't Take It Serious Though!)

100 Humans Netflix is a social experiment show.

People are taking part in various types of experiments.

Some of the topics of the experiments are sex, bias, pain, pleasure, happiness…

Being human, what makes us who we are: This seems to be the main topic of 100 Humans Series.

What They Say About 100 Humans Netflix

The content looks “scientific” since there are numerous experiments on the show but we don’t really see scientific discussions which are carried by a group of scientists.

Sometimes we see scientists talking on the show but their role and time is very limited in 100 Humans Netflix.

Being less scientific makes 100 Humans Netflix an entertainment show which is totally ok if they don’t present their findings with a “scientific sauce”.

Let’s leave science out here and take it as a “spend good time show”.

Meaning, taking it serious is not a good idea. But having fun is… 

Before checking what people think about 100 Humans Netflix, let’s see the trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s have a look what people say about 100 Humans Netflix on social media:

What They Say About Netflix's 100 Humans on Social Media?

It’s obvious that people didn’t buy the “science sauce” of 100 Humans Netflix.

The scientific sauce even annoyed some people, and I must say that they are not wrong…

But still… People also understood that it’s a “experimental comedy” and didn’t take it very seriously. So they laughed and had a good time.

This is good news. 

Let’s see the comments about 100 Humans Netflix now.


what they say on social media












100 Humans Netflix Quotes

The questions are more interesting than the answers on 100 Humans Netflix.

Actually, the show grab your attention with some interesting questions.

While you are watching the series you find your self repeating the questions and asking the questions to your self again and again!..

So, let’s see some 100 Humans Netflix quotes or questions now.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

The guy that dances the best has the higher sperm count?

Are women more attracted to men in uniforms?  

Can being funny get you laid?

Can good looks keep you out of jail? 

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