3% Netflix: Who Will Have A Real Life?

3% Netflix is a Brazilian Sci-Fi series. “Social issue TV drama” also explains the essence of the show.

As the name implies, only 3% of society will have a “real life”. The rest will continue to live in their “muddy world”. 

97% will always struggle to have a normal day!

Does this sound familiar to you? 


What They Say About 3% Netflix

Deep down we all know that 3% Netflix is our story. Everyone knows that less than 3% of society owns almost everything. And the rest is “tested” forever.

If we “behave” and continue to be the “right candidate”, we might have a chance to pass “the border” and be a member of the lucky group.  

The real problem starts here: Just imagine that you “passed all the tests” and became a member of the 3%. Would you fight for the prosperity of 97%?

So this is a never-ending circle. When we become powerful, we want the rest to be weak. Is there a solution to this?

Before checking out what people talk about 3% Netflix, let’s see the official trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about 3 Percent Netflix on social media:

What They Say About 3% Netflix on Social Media?

3% Netflix started with a big advantage, especially in Latin America. The director of the series is Cesar Charlone, who is the cinematographer of Oscar-nominated “City of God”.

People gave a big credit for this TV show from the very beginning. And we can clearly see in social media that 3% Netflix meets the expectations. 

Let’s read some comments.

what they say on social media








3% Netflix Quotes

Outstanding 3% Netflix quotes are generally about the inequality of the system. 

One part of society (3%) is giving a chance to the other part of society (97%). 

The majority of the people in the society is more than happy to have this chance and will do anything to use this chance.

We can see hope, fear and desperation in 3% Netflix quotes. Here are some of them:

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

Only three percent of you candidates will form the select group of heroes heading to the offshore.

We are grateful for the chance for a better way of life. 

– What is the most important thing in your life?

– Passing the process.

Only 3% will be given the honor of… You each can create your own merit. Good will come to you because you deserve it.

Consider your selves privileged to be experiencing all of this.  

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