Another Life Netflix Will Beam You Up to Space!

Another Life Netflix is a “space-friendly” sci-fi thriller.

The main topic of the series is:

What will we do when “they” come to earth?

How will we communicate?

What if we can’t find a way to communicate? 

And what if our “guests” do not leave?

What They Say About Another Life Netflix

Another Life Netflix is basically saying that if our alien guests are not talkative and they are not nice enough to leave after some time, then we should do the same. We should visit their house and let them understand how we feel!

I know there are dozens of sci-fi thrillers out there but each time I see a new name, I am excited. Another Life Netflix is doing its best to give us that weird feeling about aliens and space. 

It is definitely not boring and worth to watch when you have time for science fiction! And we always have time for “space-friendly” science fiction, don’t we?

Before checking out what people talk about Another Life Netflix, let’s see the official trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some interesting comments. Let’s see what people say about Another Life Netflix on social media:

What They Say About Another Life Netflix on Social Media?

I think, Another Life Netflix will build its own dedicated audience (or maybe fan-base) if new seasons keep coming.

The main character Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff) is doing a magnificent job and it’s clear that she already built a new fan-base with her new role in Another Life Netflix.

You will also see a negative comment below but I think new seasons will inflate the number of positive comments.

what they say on social media









Another Life Netflix Quotes

Another Life Netflix quotes are cool enough.

Even the topic is “serious”, we generally see that the sci-fi thrillers about space and aliens are funny. 

Especially the dialogues between the scientists are hilarious and this gives us the chance to collect nice quotes from the series. Here are some examples.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

If  you can’t get the aliens to talk to you, we need to go to the aliens…

– Whoever said the shortest distance between two points is a straight line was a big fat liar.

– Euclid. He said that!

When we make first contact, what do we do if they don’t wanna speak to us?

This thing did not travel across the galaxy to talk to birds. 

– I…

– You what? You are a computer. You are a tool. You are made to do what I say. Now, shut up and do it!

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