Ares Netflix: How To Ruin A Life 101

Ares Netflix is a Dutch horror TV series.

The horror part comes from a fraternity that turns the life of a medical student into a very dark story. 

A fraternity that uses personal weaknesses to fully operate it’s corrupted system.

You can also name the series “How To Ruin A Life”.


What They Say About Ares Netflix

Ares Netflix shows us that, aimlessly searching for power, especially in your twenties, doesn’t always end with a couple of childish adventures. 

If there is a sick community around that is always in the need of fresh “potentials”, then you might get into serious trouble. 

Especially closed communities, like the one in Ares Netflix, can be evil enough to ruin the lives of young people. Even if you are well educated, when you are caught in the wrong time of your life, you can be drawn like a moth to a flame. A flame of sickness!

Before checking out what people talk about Ares Netflix, let’s see the official trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some interesting comments. Let’s see what people say about Ares Netflix on social media:

What They Say About Ares Netflix on Social Media?

People like horror series and it is not a big surprise that Ares Netflix is a success.

The comments show that people want to see more of Ares and waiting for the next season. 

It looks, producers know how to arouse interest with the opening and closing scenes of each episode.

Horror series fans are happy with Ares Netflix and here are some comments.

what they say on social media








Ares Netflix Quotes

Ares Netflix quotes will not be legendary but they are good enough to show how desperately searching for power can be toxic.

Turning a weakness into an opportunity is the main talent of some closed communities and the words in Ares Netflix clearly describe how this happens.

Here are some quotes from the Dutch horror series.


Iaminyourshoes Quotes

Ok, this is no normal fraternity, is it?

Have you ever wondered how a tiny country like the Netherlands got so rich and powerful?

– What do you want?

– To win! and I know that I have it in me!

– What do you want to change?

– Everything you know. I just want to start over.

– That’s why we are here!

– A good doctor is always useful!

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