Code 8 Netflix Is an Unemployment-Crime Sci-Fi!

Code 8 Netflix is a sci-fi movie that basically talks about unemployment.

The future of the world is (again) dark! Automation leaves us with almost 100% unemployment.

And robots help governments build oppressive regimes.   

Code 8 Netflix is about a man who lives in this harsh world and tries to protect his loved one. 


What They Say About Code 8 Netflix

Yes, Code 8 Netflix is an unemployment movie! We talked about Future of Work and we know how hard the unemployment will hit the world after mass automation. 

Will you wait for years (not months) to get a job? Or will you find another “solution”?

In Code 8 Netflix, the main character, Connor Read (Robbie Amell) finds his own way to fight with unemployment but he finds him self in a crime story soon after he founds a “job”.

Finding a job nowadays is the main topic of sci-fi movies which is not a good indicator for our future. And this movie is a good example of “how far you can go if you have no other choice”!  

Before checking out what people talk about Code 8 Netflix, let’s see the official trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some interesting comments. Let’s see what people say about Code 8 Netflix on social media:

What They Say About Code 8 Netflix on Social Media?

Soon after Code 8 Netflix was released, the movie became “trending”.

I think this is because people feel and also believe that the content of the movie is our near future!

Oppressive regimes, unmerciful police robots, drone control and of course unemployment! Subconsciously we are watching our future!

So people liked Code 8 Netflix and here are some comments about it.

what they say on social media









Code 8 Netflix Quotes

Code 8 Netflix quotes are striking.

The movies that talk about oppressive regimes generally have impactful quotes. 

Especially if we are talking about “no jobs”, then people tend to share these quotes.

Code 8’s quotes will also be shared on social media since it touches a radioactive topic: Unemployment!

Here are some quotes from Code 8 Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

We call on those who were born with special abilities to come register your powers and help make a difference.

This is automation. Today’s way of manufacturing. But, economically speaking, over time, those with powers were no longer in demand. Machines could do what they could do.  

Hundreds are out of work and more layoffs are expected.

These people already can’t get jobs. It’ll make them more desperate and more dangerous.

– The new fleets of automated robotic officers called Guardians – I can hear these things flying above my house all night, it’s terrfying!

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