Netflix's Dark Has No Light In It (For Now)!

Dark Netflix is a mystery series.

A child is lost in a small town (Winden) of Germany and this is somehow related to the nuclear power plant, unexplained deaths, and time-travel!..

It sounds complicated, right? 

Well, Dark Netflix is all about never-ending mystery.

Welcome to the Darkness!


What They Say About Dark Netflix

If you are looking for a series that gives the feeling of “Lost”, you are on the right way. In ABC’s Lost, there was a mysterious hatch, and in Netflix’s Dark, there is a mysterious cave! 

In ABC’s Lost, there was a mysterious smoke, and in the Dark Netflix, there is a mysterious sound or shadow or something like that (!). Trust me you will understand why I am confused when you watch the series!..

And the music that’s been used in the critical Dark Netflix scenes is just like the tension music that’s been used in Lost. 

As the background, being in Europe makes a difference. You feel more attached to the content since the characters look less “plastic”.

Before checking what people think about Dark Netflix, let’s see the official teaser first:

Now let’s have a look what people say about Dark Netflix:

What They Say About Netflix's "Dark" on Social Media?

Mystery lovers loved the show. That is no surprise!

I was expecting more criticism because of the high-level of mystery but no, people are “ok” for now.

But you can clearly see that people are confused in some important scenes and this serves as a warning for the producers. 

If you inflate the level of mystery, people will be bored!

For now, somehow it worked and people liked Dark Netflix. Here are people’s comments about the series:

what they say on social media












Dark Netflix Quotes

Dark Netflix gives us some quotes that smell sci-fi to the bone.

These words are powerful in the sense of building mystery throughout the series.

The series name is “Dark” for a reason: 

The words are traveling from light to dark with the speed of light.   

Here are some quotes from Dark:

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly into infinity.

But the distinction between past, present, and future is nothing but an illusion. 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive. They are connected in a never-ending circle. 

Everything is connected.

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