Elite Netflix: Where Do You Belong In Social Hierarchy?

Elite Netflix is a Spanish crime-drama TV series.

This TV show gives us a broad view of social layers in society and leaves us with many questions like: 

What does public school really mean? What is an exclusive private school? Why people from these schools look different?

Why some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths?

Is it fair to be rich?


What They Say About Elite Netflix

Elite Netflix is not a sociopolitical documentary of course; it is a teen TV show. But if we dig deep enough we can see the sick social hierarchy that we created with our bare hands.

If you belong to the unlucky group, you have to climb the insane social ladder all your life just to be on the same level with a rich newborn. Maybe you can do it. Maaaybe! 

Or you will keep on falling. Just like others!

There is a crime in Elite Netflix that also is related to the social positions and never-ending conflict of interests…

We are searching for power. Power comes with money. And the whole society is in a lunatic roller coaster because 99% doesn’t have “enough” money. And 1% is partying with the whole money in the world, starting from the “Elite” high schools, just like in this crime-drama TV series.    

Before checking out what people talk about Elite Netflix, let’s see the official trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some interesting comments. Let’s see what people say about Elite Netflix on social media:

What They Say About Elite Netflix on Social Media?

Young people love Elite Netflix and its not a secret that this show is in the top 10 list globally.

It became a trending teen TV show and built its own fan-base very quickly. 

Maybe another Spanish series, Money Heist, has a role in this. Two main characters Rio and Denver are also in Elite Netflix.

It looks like Netflix will go on investing in Spanish market because they proved that they can create a global hype. Let’s see some comments.

what they say on social media








Elite Netflix Quotes

Elite Netflix quotes have a good number of “share” in social media. 

The strongest quotes again come from our “social roles” and they became a mirror to the problematic system that we are living in.

Some Elite Netflix quotes won’t be forgotten. They will be “alive” for a long time, maybe forever because we simply don’t know how to end inequality. Let’s see some quotes.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

– It must be nice to be rich instead of having to develop a personality.
– Shut up!
– Buy my silence.

Sometimes waiters are given a place at the table.

My mother is a marquise winery and yours are two lesbians lined with money. You and I are anything but normal. 

Have you been hurt by 40,000 euros? In the real world, people kill for less money, even if it’s just a calderilla for you.

Today, who wants to be happy when you can be the best? 

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