Netflix's Freud Will Surprise You!

Get ready to meet with a “different” Freud on Netflix.

Yes, this is not “your” Freud!

Forget about the books you read on psychoanalysis.

Here is how you define your new Freud:


What They Say About Freud on Netflix

In this post, you will learn more about the series and read the reactions of people on social media about Netlix’s Freud. You will also find some beautiful Freud Netflix Quotes.

And finally, you will take an exciting quiz about Sigmund Freud’s life!

Is Freud on Netflix Accurate?

Freud Netflix series will be heavily criticized for “fictionalizing” Sigmund Freud. But it will definitely grab the eyeballs. Meaning, it will be successful. We will hear about it almost every day and it will be one of the Netflix classics for sure! 

Will There Be a Second Season of Freud?

We don’t know yet. But it looks like that the series received enough amount of eyeballs to get a green light from Netflix.

Where was Freud Filmed?

Freud was filmed in Czechia, Prague. 

How Many Episodes Does Freud Have on Netflix?

There are eight episodes in the first season and each of them is around 50 minutes.

Let’s have a look at the official trailer of Freud on Netflix now:

Who Appears on the Show?

Here is the Freud Netflix Cast from IMDb’s page:

Freud Netflix Cast

Songs of the Series:

Here you can find the Freud Netflix Soundtrack.

And now let’s see what social media says about Freud Series on Netflix.

What They Say About Freud Netflix on Social Media?

As mentioned above, people were not expecting to see Freud as a “supernatural detective”.

The series started with a shock in the sense of Freud’s character.

It’s fiction to the bone.

But it’s exciting.

And I must say women will love it more than men.

Let’s see what people say about Freud on Netflix.

what they say on social media













Freud Netflix Quotes

Freud Netflix has legendary quotes.

Even the official trailer is giving us some amazing quotes.

With just a few quotes from the series, you will be hooked on Freud Netflix.

Sigmund Freud was a man of the words.

And the first quote below is confirming it.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

I’m a house, it’s dark in me. My consciousness is a lonely light, a candle. Everything else is in the shade, the unconscious: Instincts, forbidden desires and memories we don’t want to see in the light. They dance around us in the darkness. They torment and poke us.

Happiness is a bird, you know? It flies away quickly.

You can hear my voice, you can see the pendulum. Only my voice and the pendulum. Everything else disappears.

Dr. Freud. You are a neurologist. Please treat me!

In me it’s dark!

Freud Quiz

If you are interested in psychology, and if you are hooked on Freud Netflix series, you are in the right place.

This Freud quiz will not only refresh your “Sigmund Freud” knowledge but it will also give you the chance to take a “psychological” break! 

Let’s start!

Sigmund Freud Quiz

#1 Freud’s death may have been a doctor-assisted suicide.

#2 Freud believed that smoking

#3 The book Freud considered his most significant work “The Interpretation of Dreams” was

#4 He went to England with his wife and his daughter because

#5 Freud’s mother Amalia favored him heavily over her other children

#6 Freud was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine 12 times and the Goethe prize once

#7 Freud thought

#8 Freud psychoanalyzed his daughter Anna throughout his lifetime.

#9 He regarded dreams to be

#10 Which one is true about Freud?


Psychoanalysis Quiz

It’s the Psychoanalysis Quiz time!

In Freud Netflix, you saw the main character practicing Psychoanalysis.

Even though the content of Netflix’s Freud is all about fiction, in real life, Sigmund Freud established this discipline.

Psychoanalysis Quiz will test your general knowledge about this interesting discipline.

Let’s start! 

Psychoanalysis Quiz

Psychoanalysis Quiz

Freud and his way of seeing the world is interesting, isn’t it?

It is obvious that Netflix’s Freud won’t be the last series about Sigmund Freud. We surely will be talking more about his theories, therapies, and his personal life…

Stay tuned in your shoes!

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