A Modern Christmas Tale

New animated Netflix movie Klaus is now available globally!

The social media reactions are so positive that we just couldn’t remain silent and felt like sharing some of these comments with you. 

What They Say About Klaus – New Animated Netflix Movie!

Klaus is released before Christmas which is psychologically the best time of the year for an animation like this but this doesn’t change the fact that the movie is stealing hearts one by one…

In the first part, you will see the “what they say about Klaus movie” (social media reactions for the animation). In the second part, you will see some Klaus Netflix quotes. 

Just to be on the same page, first, let’s watch the official trailer of Klaus.

What They Say About Klaus

You will also hear that people were expecting Klaus to be on the nominee list for 77th Golden Globes for best animation. Many people believe that The Lion King or Toy Story 4 didn’t deserve to be on the list. 

And there is so much love for Klaus on social media that you naturally think like: “People are right!”.

And now, let’s see what people say about Klaus on social media.

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Klaus Movie Quotes

Movie quotes do help us understand the soul of a movie and sometimes let us decide to give it a go or not! 

Klaus is an inspiring movie. 

It’s one of those movies which makes you one step closer to be a good person.

Let’s have a look at some Klaus quotes from Netflix’s amazing animation.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

We need to show people that a true, selfless act always sparks another.

Hey! What do you guys think you’re doing? This is Smeerensburg, the unhappiest place on Earth. And you two can’t change that!

This town was built on resentment and spite. And it’ll stay that way as long as a Krum…

Mister Klaus, you have a gift. You were meant for making toys. So, I figured, if you donate your old toys, I’ll deliver them for free!

How long until children go back to the old ways once there are no toys to bribe them with? How long until they turn against each other? And how long until the grownups follow?

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