Love, Death & Robots Netflix: Easy to Watch & Hard to Forget!

Love, Death & Robots Netflix can be explained with one sentence: Easy to watch and hard to forget!

It is a collection of animated short stories that fall under the science fiction, fantasy, comedy, and horror genres.

Love, Death + Robots Netflix is definitely NOT for kids! 

Love Death & Robots Netflix

Some stories are 20 minutes long, some of them are 12 minutes, some are only 5 minutes… But no matter how long the story is, you know that you will be taken to a “different” world when you hit the play button.

Love, Death & Robots Netflix storytellers know how exactly they will hypnotize you and pull you into their magic land.

No, it’s not only about robots! The stories do not have a specific topic. You can be beamed up from a refrigerator to a battlefield or you can see that the yoghurt is the wisest “organic leader” to give the truest economic and political decisions for our world! (Actually, this might be true!)

Yes, Love, Death & Robots Netflix has a strong imagination. Strong enough to make you call your friend in the middle of the night and ask his/her opinion about the mini-episode:

– Do you agree with the yoghurt?

Before checking out what people talk about the animated short stories, let’s see the official trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about the series on social media:

What They Say About Love, Death & Robots Netflix on Social Media?

Love, Death & Robots Netflix has endless comments on social media.

People like to talk about these short stories.

Everyone has a favorite story and they defend this story with their hearts. 

There are also some criticisms about the violence and +18 scenes but Netflix has a warning about this: “Recommended for ages 18 and up!”

So let’s see some social media comments about Love, Death + Robots Netflix.

what they say on social media










Love, Death & Robots Netflix Quotes

Love, Death & Robots Netflix quotes are punchy.

Since the stories are short, they make sure that the message that is going to be delivered will hit the target (that is us). 

And yes, we get the message! In most of the stories, the content hits like a rock.

When the content is strong, quotes are also strong. Let’s read some quotes:

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

– So, this is the thing that killed all the humans?

– No. Indeed, it was their own hubris that ended their reign, their belief that they were the pinnacle of creation.

There is a lost civilization in our refrigerator. 

Are you scared now?

In the past several weeks, the yogurt has initiated several space launches. 

Comrades! We stand here. We die here. It has been an honor!

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