Mindhunter Netflix: Disappointment?

Mindhunter Netflix was supposed to be an original crime drama series.

It was promising. The series seemed to find an untouched angle on crime and investigation…

It was exciting to watch the challenges of hostage negotiation training teams.

But Netflix made a mistake!

What They Say About Mindhunter Netflix

Suddenly rumors were all around about Netflix putting Mindhunter on hold. Actually, the director David Fincher wanted to work on his film before he shoots an other episode of Mindhunter.

And dozens of other theories about why the series is temporarily or permanently cancelled.

And of course no official explanation came from Netflix.

Here are some questions for you before you start a new series on Netflix:

  • How many Netflix series are cancelled up to now without an explanation? 
  • Will you start a new “series” on Netflix if you know that it will be cancelled after the second season?
  • Isn’t it wiser to watch only old series since the new ones can always be cancelled? 

Here you can watch the official teaser of Mindhunter Netflix.

(After watching the cool teaser just think about: Would you start to watch the series if you knew that the director will be bored…) 

Now, it’s time to read some interesting comments. Let’s have a look what people say about Mindhunter Netflix on social media:

What They Say About Mindhunter Netflix on Social Media?

You will see that people liked Mindhunter Netflix and then seriously got disappointed because of the rumors…

So, the people are not happy. Here are some comments:

P.S. Some people most probably don’t even know that the series is on hold. How can they know when Netflix is not saying a word about it!


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Mindhunter Netflix Quotes

Here you will find some quotes from Mindhunter Netflix.

This series could create hundreds of high-quality quotes if it was not put on hold or cancelled!

The main characters of the series are somehow related to the philosophical thought system, so the quotes are better than the average.

Here is a dialogue from the series.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

– What do you think about Durkheim’s labeling theory on deviancy?

– What is that?

– You don’t know who Durkheim is? 

– I know what deviancy is. 

– I bet you do! Durkheim says all forms of deviancy are simply a challenge to the normalized repressiveness of the state. 

– So he is an anarchist. 

– No. He was the first person to suggest that if there is something wrong with our society, then criminality is a response to that.

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