The Umbrella Academy Netflix: Boring or Not?

If you need more heroes with superpowers, you will like The Umbrella Academy Netflix.

It sounds cliche, right?

I know it does but at least they changed the “type” of superpowers and they inflated the number of heroes.

Ok, before you give “minus” to The Umbrella Academy Netflix, you have to know this: It is not boring!

What They Say About The Umbrella Academy Netflix

More heroes don’t guarantee the quality but sense of humor does! Every hero has his or her own kind of sense of humor and this makes The Umbrella Academy Netflix unique in away.

Ok, I am not trying to say that it is a comedy. It is a “cartoonish” sci-fi, action and adventure series… (what am I saying here!)

And the world is at risk again. Yes, life will be over. Again! And we have heroes to save us. Again! I know, I know it smells cliche again :)

But if you watch the first episode you don’t give up watching. You will be hooked on somehow someway. I repeat: The Umbrella Academy Netflix is not boring. 

I personally want to watch the next episode now. This is something!

Before checking what people think about The Umbrella Academy Netflix, let’s see the official trailer first:

Now, it’s time to read some interesting comments. Let’s have a look what people say about The Umbrella Academy Netflix on social media:

What They Say About The Umbrella Academy Netflix on Social Media?

Some characters really built a fan-base in The Umbrella Academy Netflix. 

Like Klaus!

This is good news for the series because people will ask for more episodes just to see their heroes.

Generally, the comments are positive and it looks that people have fun watching the series.

Let’s see what they say:


what they say on social media









The Umbrella Academy Netflix Quotes

It’s time for The Umbrella Academy Netflix quotes.

As mentioned above, each character has his or her own unique sense of humor and this situation creates funny dialogues. 

You will see hundreds of interesting quotes on social media as the new episodes come.

Here are some examples from The Umbrella Academy Netflix:

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

Our world is changing. Has changed. There are some among us gifted with abilities far beyond the ordinary.

Eternal peace is probably overrated.

– That’s not fair, Five’s cheating!

– He adapted!

– Why are you here? 

– I’ve decided you are the only one I can trust. 

– Why me?

– Because you are ordinary.

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