Netflix's Unorthodox Will Shake You!

Unorthodox Netflix is a touchy one.

It is a hardcore drama.


Yes, there is a but here!

There is also light inside. A light that can feed us all…  

What They Say About Unorthodox Netflix

Women’s stories about struggling for a better life are always moving. A woman who stands up against the status quo is always impressive. We still have a lot to learn from these lessons.

Unorthodox Netflix is the story of a woman who risks her life to build a better one. She is not only escaping from her old life, but she also tries to find the meaning of a “worthy” life. 

What do we fight for? 

What do we live for? 

Unorthodox Netflix makes us question “the meaning” over and over again…

Where was Unorthodox Filmed?

Unorthodox Netflix was filmed in New York and Berlin. 

Will There Be a Second Season of Unorthodox?

Unorthodox is a limited series. The strong story is told in 4 episodes (each episode is around 50 minutes) and it ended naturally. But since the series gained lots of followers, Netflix can make a surprise. We already have a 21 minute documentary about the production story of the show: “Making Unorthodox”.  

Before we talk more about the series, let’s watch the 2-minute long official trailer of Unorthodox Netflix:

Who Appears on the Show?

Here is the Unorthodox Cast from IMDb’s page:

Unorthodox Netflix Cast

Songs of Unorthodox

Here you can find the Unorthodox Soundtrack.

Now we can go to the next section to see what social media says about Unorthodox Netflix:

What They Say About Netflix's "Unorthodox" on Social Media?

As expected people are moved!

They talk with their heart and they proudly say that Unorthodox Netflix touched the closest rooms of their hearts.

A person’s real-life struggle is not easy to watch but it also gives you the motivation to go on…

Lesson learned! Don’t stop. Keep on walking in your own path. Respect your life and do anything to live the life you deserve! 

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Unorthodox Netflix Quotes

Usually, in this section, you will see quotes from the movie or the series. 

Not this time!

You will read a dialogue right from the official trailer this time.

It’s so powerful that we couldn’t put any other quote here.

Here is the dialogue from Unorthodox Netflix.


Iaminyourshoes Quotes

– You escaped didn’t you?

– You made it sound like I was in prison!

– Weren’t you?

– No, but I left without telling anyone. 

– Why did you leave?

– God expected too much of me!

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