White Lines Review

White Lines Netflix is a British drama-thriller.

It’s about a crime that happened twenty years ago in Ibiza island.

It’s also about being young, energetic, full of hope, living with music and feeling the life in your veins.

And how come everything can go bad after that?

White Lines Netflix

In White Lines Netflix, friendship changes everything. A group of people leave the UK and move to Ibiza island. The dream is making music, parties, and having a good time. And it all happens. Just like that… 

They feel gifted with the amazing nature and opportunities the island gives them. But everything changes when one of them dies. The most talented one. The guy who moves people with music. The creator. The DJ God. 

Who draws the impassable white lines between us?  Why life has to give tough lessons? Why music has to stop? Why being young, being able to laugh, being able to have a proper good time has to end? And what happens to friendship when life hits like a rock!

Who killed Axel is the big puzzle of the series and it looks that the whole island is not going to have peace until this question is answered. 

White Lines Netflix has a lot of dark emotions and you have to be careful who you are recommending this series to because the content is definitely 18+!

White Lines location: Where was it filmed?

White Lines Netflix Location

White Lines Netflix was filmed in Ibiza island. Actually, the main character of the series is Ibiza island! This amazing Spanish island is in the Mediterranean sea, and after this show, the number of visitors is expected to skyrocket!

Let’s take a look at the White Lines trailer now:

Who appears on the show?

Here is the White Lines cast from IMDb’s page:

White Lines Netflix Cast

Will there be a season 2 of White Lines?

Until now, season two is not announced by Netflix. But the series is a 100% success in terms of public attention. No content platform can ignore statistics. So there is a strong possibility that this show will continue.  

Songs of White Lines

Here you can find the White Lines Soundtrack

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this series on social media:

What They Say About White Lines Netflix on Social Media?

It is not a surprise that a side-character of the series is rocking the social media. 

Everyone is talking about Boxer from White Lines. And he became the main character for many people!

Boxer (Nuno Lopes) has an amazing performance and he deserves all the attention.

Boxer has a respectable amount of women fans and they will definitely demand new seasons or series from Netflix!

Overall, people like to talk about this series. Let’s read some comments.

what they say on social media













White Lines Netflix Quotes

White Line Netflix quotes are wise, silly, funny, serious and moving. Yes, all together. Just like “life”.  

And White Lines quotes are sharp. Some quotes from White Lines penetrate your skin and find a place in you.

No, they are not the best quotes from a series, but they are interesting enough to make you push the play button. Here are some quotes from White Lines Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

In films, everything is easy. This guy is going to be ruined, that guy is a bastard, this one is the killer… But in real life you can’t see shit. 

If you live like a god when you are 20, how can you be happy after that? You have had it all. Love, girls, the perfect life. After that… how can you not be sad? Good times are always behind you.

I’ve got a question for you, your honor. Have you ever had a good time? I mean it. Like, a proper good time.


–  You’ve gotta see the bigger picture.

– What’s that supposed to mean?

– It means not conforming. It means having parties, each one bigger than the last one. It means transporting people with our music so they can forget about this shit going on in their lives.

See, end of the day, I’m gonna live how I want, whatever the consequences. And I won’t let you define me by my class or my clothes. 

Your honor, you condemned the suffragettes, the gays, the abortionists, and today, they are all free to do what it was you were condemning them for. Your honor, one day, what you’re condemning me for now will be legal.

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