Your President?

Johnny Depp?

Homer Simpson?

Albert Einstein?

Bob Ross?


Charlie Chaplin?

Who Would Be The President If The World Was A Single Country

Johnny Depp

He was a pirate. He was artificial intelligence. He was a mad hatter. He was a forensic investigator. He was a journalist. He was a Native American. He was an infamous filmmaker… He was right. He was left. He was me. He was you. He was this. He was that. He was everything. And why the hell not he wouldn’t be a real president if the world was a single country? 

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson’s IQ is much higher than some of the presidents who are ruling the world governments right now!

Albert Einstein

Just think for a moment. The world’s one and only government’s president is one of the most unique characters of history. A genius. What would happen?

Probably, the world would have the best possible education system. Today, we would not talk about stupid wars but we would definitely be talking about the speed of light. (And you wouldn’t say “booooring” righ now!) 

You would be having courses like “Exploring The Universe 101”. And you would be so much excited about that!    

Bob Ross

Yes, we need peace. We need someone who can hallucinate us. We need someone who can paint the world with trees because we don’t have trees anymore. And what about lakes and creeks! We need clean water resources. Bob Ross was making it happen. He was capable of creating a happy world. He could be one of the best presidents to rule the world government. 


Normal is boring. If we want different colors, different sounds, different smells, different looks, different talks, different walks, different politics… then we have Björk in our hand and she will surely be the right president of the world.

Charlie Chaplin

To laugh, to laugh a little bit more, a little bit more, to feel better, to feel great, to feel like a newborn, to feel like colorless magic, to feel like a piece of soundless music, to feel good… We need you, Charlie. Be our president. Come back!

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