Remeeting Our First Signals

When we talk about “why we do what we do”, we should ask some questions about our old days.

Today is not important anymore. We came to this day by walking on our unique path and we had our own reasons to choose this path.

Maybe these fresh questions that are somehow connected to our ancient world will help us break free again…

Let’s start!

Why We Do What We Do Questions
  • Why did you choose your proficiency in the first place?
  • Was it “the money”? Was it “the prestige”? Or was it some kind of excitement that was continuously sending signals to your heart?
  • What were those signals all about? As an example, why were you excited to work in a global sailing academy?
  • What was the first thing about this job that hit you? Was it the sea? Was it the wind? Was it the yachts? Was it the traveling opportunity? Was it the chance to meet people from all over the world? Was it the feeling of freedom?
  • Have you really thought about those very first signals that you sent and received?
  • After many years, are they buried somewhere you can’t find?
  • Remembering those signals… any heartbeats? 
  • Ok, maybe your heart doesn’t beat like a drum but can you feel any vibe?
  • Are you scared that if you dig deep into this topic, you will face the old signals of yours that are coming from the center of your heart?
  • Is remembering why you started this journey a waste of time?
  • Or does it give you a chance to look at your timeline on this earth from a broader perspective and rebalance accordingly?
  • Can you add some flavors to your new path from the old days?
  • Is it time to invite your old friends (signals) to your new path?
  • Would you be happy if your heart beats like a drum again?
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