Drop Your Pencil: You Are Surrounded by a Unique Pain!

This is not one of those long how to do this and that article.

You need to experience writer’s block at least one time in your life if you put writing at the center of your life.

Why do you need this unique pain? Shortly, honestly and painfully here are your reason whys:

Why You Need Writer’s Block
  • To appreciate the act of writing.
  • To deeply understand why you really are writing.
  • To feel like a newbie and to start from the beginning. 
  • To find the time to think about the philosophy of writing.
  • To feel unarmed in a battle.
  • To see what life is with or without a pencil.
  • To be desperate and become a bull who is searching for the color “red”.
  • To use a dying star’s enormous energy to come back to life. 
  • To change the way you think, the places that you go, the things that you eat, the books that you read, the people that you talk to, the life that you are living… at least for a while.
  • To feel that you are alive.
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