Work Stress Is Inevitable

Work stress is a strong and persistent heavyweight boxer. 

It is inevitable, but it is not unbeatable. 

You have a strong hand if you know how to play.

Let’s talk about how to knock work stress out.

Work Stress How Emotionally Intelligent People Deal With It

The Clouded Task That Causes Work Stress Rain

work stress management

What is the hardest task that you have to handle today? The task that gave you a headache. The task that you have been thinking about all night long in your sleep. 

The first thing you should do in the morning is to attack that task. Don’t check your emails because you will see lots of other tasks and you will be distracted. 

All you need is to focus on “that” task and use your morning energy to kill it.

Why? Because you tagged that task as “clouded” and since it has a bad name, it’s giving you a hard time.

So, unless you close the deal, it will remain as a problem in your stomach.      

Work Stress Reduction: Silent Room

Open office noise grows stress. It is not only annoying, but it also kills productivity.

Can you create a silent room for yourself that you can use in your breaks? It can be a storage room. It can be a small meeting room that no one uses. Any ignored room is your friend. 

When the room is yours, have a seat and close your eyes. Listen to Guns N’ Roses if you feel like. Or you can listen to an audiobook. Or you can simply do nothing and regenerate yourself by the help of silence. Repair the harmed “creativity parts” of your brain. You are thirsty. Drink the silence.

You need it.

Multitasking Is The Best Friend of Work Stress

Doing many things at the same time sounds cool right? Finishing more than one work simultaneously will set you free. Well, you can have lucky days like that but don’t forget, “luck” is a scarce resource.

For small and unimportant tasks multitasking can work. But for trickier projects, you need to focus. Your brain asks for 100% concentration from you when it’s fighting with a beast. 

You can’t chat with a colleague, check social media accounts, write an email, read emails, think about the sales report and try to finish your “big project” at the same time. You can try but the outcome won’t be satisfying.

As the deadline approaches, you will be more stressed. And if your job is important to you, you will have sleepless nights. 

Not to live this crap, stop multitasking. Just work on your big project and finish it as early as possible. This will unwind your days. The storm will be gone. Work stress will be over and your remaining smaller tasks will be so much easier to deal with.

Create Your Own Positive Language For Managing Work Stress

Find funny words for stressful tasks, projects, situations, moments… and share it with your colleagues. Slowly build a positive language between your teammates and fight with work stress using that constructive language.

They say “laughter is the best medicine”. Of course, you can’t laugh all day long in the workplace but you can enjoy your work with like-minded people. This also increases productivity.

Stay Away From Toxic Environment To Reduce Work Stress

A toxic environment is a place where you can enjoy your “Gastric Juice Pina Colada”. Your very own stomach acid attacks will be more interesting to watch than any world championships.

If there is a “Sauron” room like this in your workplace, stay away from that room. You can’t do anything about it. Being friends with the people in that room won’t work. Actually, it will make it worse. 

If just ignoring one room in your workplace gives you the peace you need, you are very lucky. Work stress will be much higher if that room is contagious. Unfortunately, after this point “work stress” will be the name of the entire workplace. Finding another job is the best option in this case.

Work Stress Reliever: Lunch Time!

Emotional eating is very common in workplaces. Food is the “escape” for many people. 

Fighting with work stress by eating more is a huge mistake. Gaining weight will cause more problems and it will grow your work stress. The best thing to do is declaring war against emotional eating from day one. 

Less food and healthy food will help you to stay fit. Thirty minutes of physical activity will also improve your self-confidence. Walking is the best option.

You can also read comics for ten minutes or listen to a relaxing podcast. 

Lunchtime can be a work stress reliever if you only play by the rules.

Financial Stress Causes Work Stress

Being underpaid, not being promoted, no savings… these are all important sources of stress. And they will grow your work stress day by day if you don’t have a sound financial plan. 

If you can manage your money well, you will have less stress at work and at home and this will affect your relationships in a positive way. 

If you can save more and spend less until you reach a certain point, you will not only build your financial self-esteem but you will also feel more self-confident at work. 

This means, you will be able to take risks. You will fear less. You will be more creative. You will be more productive and you will be open to any other job alternatives anytime.

Sometimes, when you eliminate financial stress, work stress also disappears. This shows that budget management plays a key role in reducing work stress.

Work Stress Management Army: Family and Friends

If you have strong relationships in your personal life, you will feel much stronger in the workplace. 

When you have rainy days at work, your family and your friends will be your greatest supporters. They will also help you to give the right decisions at critical times. 

Deep and meaningful relationships will help you manage work stress better and make you less vulnerable.

Enjoy Small Successes To Fight With Work Stress

You don’t need big wins to make your workplace “liveable”. You can set small daily goals and when you reach that goal you can celebrate it.

You can also do this as a team and make celebrations a daily routine. This will strengthen the relationships between the team members and reduce the work stress for each individual which will have a positive multiplier effect for the whole workplace.

Today, most of the jobs have impossible KPI’s. Bosses do this just because they feel the need to tell everyone that: 

“You people have to work more today!”. 

Not being able to reach any goals as an individual or as a team has negative consequences. Unhappy employees, damaged team spirit, unbearable work stress…  

Celebrating small successes will change the game and create a more positive working environment for everyone.

The Desk Effect: Redesign Your Desk To Fight With Work Stress

If this is a war against “work stress” than we have plenty of ammo: 

  • Have a picture of your family or your best friends on your table. 
  • Put your miniature statues (that you bought on your amazing holiday) to your desk.
  • If you support a sports team, have a flag or mascot on your table. (You will have great conversations about this with your teammates :)  
  • Have a comic book ready for lunchtime.
  • Have some healthy snacks on your desk to offer your colleagues who come to chat with you on your breaks.
  • Put anything on your table that will give you inner power.
  • Move your desk to a “better” place. 
  • Be as far as possible from the toxic zone.

After Work Hours Are Also Important To Reduce Work Stress

Doing sports, having healthy food, socializing, staying away from bad habits after work hours will give you a sound body and mind to deal with work stress. 

Reading, being interested in any kind of art and having a hobby will make you a strong personality. A person who has a good work-life balance is less vulnerable.

Also, one more time, laughing is magic. 

You are very lucky if you have good-hearted friends that you can have a great time together. Care for these beautiful people. Never lose respect. Be a good friend to them. Be there when they need you. They will make you bulletproof.

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