Dogs Quiz!

It’s Dogs Quiz time!

Are you a dog person? 

So you know a lot about dogs? 

So you think that you know more than your friends or your family? 

Well, this dog quiz will most probably challenge you. 

I am sure that you know a lot about dogs but let’s see some proof right here right now :)

Your Knowledge About Dogs Will Be Tested Right Here Right Now!

#1 Domestication of dogs could have occurred more than

#2 Dogs were probably the first tame animals

#3 Dogs are not the most diverse animals on the planet

#4 Which one is true?

#5 Which one is the scientific name of dogs?

#6 Dogs can only see in black and white

#7 Dogs cannot distinguish between red and green

#8 Dogs have better night vision than humans

#9 Dogs can not see UV light

#10 Dogs can sense the earth’s magnetic fields

#11 Dogs can understand up to 1000 words

#12 Dogs wag their tail to the left when they’re happy and to the right when they are frightened

#13 Dog’s nose print is actually as unique as a human fingerprint


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